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Acxent Lighting

Lighting Redefined

Imtra's Acxent lighting

Imtra’s new line of Acxent lighting changes the way boaters—and designers—think about brightening their boats.

Yacht builders today are investing huge sums of money and recruiting experts from the illumination industry to bring unique lighting solutions to their boats. This investment has resulted in the creative backlighting of art work, underlighting of bar tops or other furniture items, and fully dimmable or colored LEDs that help create a desired mood. Imtra is getting in on the fun with its new AcXent LED Linear Lighting System. Available in strips sized from 4 inches to 8 feet long, it allows designers to do things like add lighting around a sunroof, brighten up just a single berth, or create any other custom solution that comes to mind.

The aluminum housing for the AcXent lights can be secured to a vessel’s overhead supports or to any other type of rigid headliner.

A lens diffuser ensures even lighting while eliminating hot spots and creating an unobtrusive installation in the overhead.

Reflective trim amplifies light output by as much as 30 percent, thereby reducing power consumption via fewer, brighter lights.

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.