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Marine Engines

Learn about the newest and time-tested boat engines.


Exclusive First Test of Hinckley’s SilentJet

Decades after the original Dasher brought jet propulsion and joystick maneuverability to the masses, it is once again rewriting history, this time with a hybrid heart.


Rare Formula One Engine Lives On

A one-off Ferrari Formula One engine modified for hydroplane racing lives on—almost 70 years after breaking the world speed record on water.


Hydrogen Powered Boats

The Kiwis defending the America’s Cup have engineered a foiling powerboat with a “Back to the Future” powerplant.


Iron Man

At an early age, Mike Hingst fell in love with old boats and putt-putt marine engines. This intrigue led him to collecting and restoring them.


Mercury Announces its First Electric Outboard

Mercury’s electric Avator outboard represents a new evolution for the company.


Yamaha’s Harmo Electric Outboard is No Ordinary Powerplant

Yamaha’s Harmo e-outboard debuts in the United States, and boatbuilders are testing the technology.


RaceBird: The Electric Boat That Could Change Powerboating

The RaceBird, a foiling race boat with an electric outboard, is ready to make its landing as part of a new global series.

prm_Viking 46 Billfish

Swedish Iron/Maiden Voyage

Power & Technology: Scania Enters the Recreational Boating Market.

prm-engine mount

Engine Mount Maintenance

We love engine mounts, perhaps the hardest-working hardware in your engine room. Here's how to make sure they love you back.


HARMO Electric Boat Motor from Yamaha

The 121-pound HARMO uses a rim drive and impeller to generate 225 pounds of thrust, about the same force as a 9.9-hp gas outboard.

prm_E-Motion 180E Electric Outboard

E-Motion 180E Electric Outboard

Meet the World’s Most Powerful Electric Outboard. Vision Marine Technologies hopes to revolutionize recreational boating with the new E-Motion 180E.


Caterpillar C32B Triple Turbo Marine Engine

Caterpillar announces its new C32B Triple Turbo, the most power available in a 12-cylinder package on the water today.


Mercury 600: Testing the V12 Monster of Lake X

Merc’s new 600-hp V12 Verado isn’t just big, it operates like no other outboard has before.

prm1_Trickle-Down Effect

Born to Race, Engineered for All.

Nothing fuels innov­ation like a race program. Time will tell what advancements will be born from Mercury’s 360 APX.


Volvo Penta on the Move

Volvo Penta to Shutter Seven Marine and Launch Electric IPS.

prm_Futura-a 216-foot concept yacht

Green Energy on Vripack's Concept Superyacht

Futura, a 216-foot concept yacht, is designed to use an electricity-generating kite to produce power.


Raider Outboards: The Engines that Power the Military

Raider Outboards are built to survive a jump out of an airplane and a swim in salt water.


Outboard of Tomorrow

Diesel outboards continue to improve as do electrical engines. How long before they give traditional gas-powered motors a run for their money?


Virtual Boat Show: Yamaha Helm Master EX

VIDEO: Take an exclusive ride with Yamaha and see how the new Helm Master EX joystick controls a single-outboard boat.

prm-Single engine boat holding position

Single Outboard Joysticks Have Arrived

The new Helm Master EX incorporates autopilot, digital steering and joystick control for smaller boats with single engines. But can it move the boat sideways?


Time for Lithium?

Lead-acid batteries are so 20th century; lithium’s the future. Making the switch is costly, but there are major benefits.


What’s next for owners of Evinrude-powered boats?

What does a hard stop in new outboard production mean for Evinrude owners?

prm-Fire and Metal

Fire and Metal

A look inside Yamaha’s propeller facility, where a drop of sweat can cause an explosion.


Clean Fuel, Happy Engine

You wouldn’t drink dirty water, so don’t feed your engine dirty fuel.