DND Name Generator

Many tales have been told of the great fantasy games of the past, but few have ever reached the legendary status of Dungeons & Dragons.

Players have enjoyed countless DND adventures since the 1970s and it remains a key part of geek culture. If you’re preparing to play the game, you could use our Dungeons and Dragons name generator to create the perfect identity for your character.

Why Use a D&D Name Generator?

DND involves creating an adventurer and working with allies on quests. Developing your character is therefore a vital part of the game.

Coming up with the individual’s name is a key aspect of that process. That's why we created the D&D name generator.

After using the DND name generator, a host of other considerations will help you to create your in-game persona. These include the character’s class and abilities.

What Makes a Great DND Name?

You can let your imagination run wild when playing the game, but creating a name is not straightforward - you need to keep some core elements of the game in mind. These usually relate to the race of your character. 

That can simply mean choosing a name that fits or it can involve navigating certain conventions within that race. So have a look at these pointers before you try the DND name generator.


You can choose from a number of races when creating a character in D&D, including humans, dwarves, elves and many other beings.

Ensure the name you create using the DND random name generator fits this.


The basic rules also highlight how certain conventions may apply. Players who choose to be a dwarf select a male or female name, as well as a clan name, which our DND character name generator can help with.

Elves have a child name which changes to an adult moniker some time after their 100th birthday. Halflings can have a given name, a family name and a nickname.

Humans' more varied culture means their names might be determined by the character's ethnic group.

Use the DND Name Generator Today

There is a lot to consider when creating a DND character, but our DND name generator could prove handy as you develop your persona.

Whatever your next quest holds, we hope you get to enjoy plenty of excitement and adventure.

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