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Teleost only adds to the grandeur of the charter experience, in ways small and large. Chief stewardess Lucky Dawson and her interior team await swimming, skiing, and PWCing guests on the aft deck with chilled towels to cleanse salty eyes after every dip in the Indian Ocean. The captain leaves the yacht’s at-rest stabilizers on at all times, especially during meals underway, so guests can enjoy new scenery in top-notch comfort. The deckhands are generous with their water-sports skills and even had me wakeboarding for the first time after just two attempts. First officer Matthew Peak, the onboard divemaster, brought me face-to-face with a four-foot-long parrotfish minutes into our first dive (Teleost offers scuba directly from the yacht for certified divers, a rare treat).

The only outdoor activity I missed during my few days onboard was serious fishing, for which the appropriately named yacht&mdashand the Seychelles&mdashare known. “The boss is a megafisherman,” Burnet explains. “I back this thing down on marlin. We set five world records in fly-fishing just before Christmas.”

This level of modern comfort, high-end service, and adventurous activity in such a pristine natural environment exemplifies the epitome of what top-dollar, emerging-market yacht charter should be. As Burnet puts it, “We’re like an expedition yacht, but without the expedition look.” Thank goodness for the evolution of luxury.

Teleost takes 12 guests and charters for $195,000 per week, plus expenses.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2006 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.