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Welcome to the best boating stories on the water from the editors of Power &. Motoryacht magazine.

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I may be biased, but to me there’s no better escape than a story in a magazine. One minute you find yourself aboard a container ship in Georgia, the next you’re inside a North Carolina boatyard and then, with the turn of the page, you’re in the engine room of Capt. Bill’s Cape Dory 28. The written word—when wielded well—is a powerful thing. We also realize you don’t always have both hands free to flip through our magazine. With that in mind, we recently launched a new series called Power & Motoryacht Audible. Here, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite writers and editors recount some of their most memorable tales. You’ll also get additional insights into the stories behind our stories. So whether you’re underway to your next port of call or working on your boat, you can now take Power & Motoryacht with you wherever you go. You can find our podcast at, Spotify, iTunes and iHeartRadio. As always, thanks for reading, and now, thanks for listening. —Daniel Harding Jr.