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Raymarine LightHouse v5 Software

Free for a-, c-, or e-Series multifunction displays;

Raymarine updated its LightHouse software, which directs the user experience for the company’s a-, c-, and e-Series multifunction displays. Raymarine and other electronics manufacturers are now using software updates more like consumer-electronics companies do, adding functionality and fixing bugs in the existing system. The latest version of LightHouse brings a document reader, integration with a Fusion 700 Series stereo, and more.

Raymarine chartplotter display with dynamic fuel range ring

LightHouse v5 allows Raymarine users to calibrate their fuel-tank levels and use a dynamic fuel range ring overlaid on the chartplotter display (shown), a visual representation based on live fuel consumption.

Video over IP camera connectivity is another v5 function. Boaters can access multiple CCTV cameras on the network through an Ethernet connection.

Raymarine has taken advantage of its corporate parent, thermal-imaging device maker FLIR, to add what’s known in industry parlance as “slew-to-cue,” which is automated thermal camera tracking of user-selected targets on radar and charts.

This article originally appeared in the January 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.