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Si-Tex SVS-750 Digital Echosounder

Si-Tex SVS-750 Digital Echosounder


The Si-Tex SVS-750 is a dual-frequency digital echosounder with 600-watt output. Equipped with a vertically oriented 7.5-inch sunlight-viewable color LCD display, the unit ranges to depths of 4,800 feet, and uses digital processing to eliminate noise and depict targets clearly.

Optimize useful Depth Data with professional-grade sounder features such as a white-line/black-line bottom discriminator to separate targets close to the seabed, automatic and manual gain and range selectors, and bottom lock, bottom zoom, and A-scope modes.

Large, clearly marked controls make for simple operation in challenging conditions, while an optional SD card slot lets the user back up important data.

Alarms for depth, fish schools, and water temperature help tailor performance to individual needs.

The SVS-750 can do double duty as a chartplotter. Simply plug in the included, external 50-channel GPS antenna and add a C-MAP Max Wide cartography card ($199). The unit also integrates easily with a black-box AIS receiver.

This article originally appeared in the January 2013 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.