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Sigma LEDs from Imtra

Lighten Up

Looking to freshen up your interior and cut down on power consumption? Then look no ­further than Imtra’s newest LED.

Replacing your boat’s halogen lighting with LEDs will not only brighten your living spaces, but research shows that replacing a yellowish light with a whiter LED can bring out the colors of your interior and even make your meals look more appetizing. In the past, replacing a standard halogen light with a dimmable LED required that you run extra duplex-type signal wires, often behind panels and headliners. Do you want to run an extra wire throughout your boat to make your lights dimmable? We didn’t think so. Thankfully, Imtra’s new line of Sigma LEDs are fully dimmable and require no separate signal wires, saving a lot of time and heartache. According to Imtra, on a recent refit project, technicians were able to replace 14 halogen lights with 14 Sigmas in just 2½ hours, using the existing wiring.

Sigma LED from Imtra

The size of the actual LED bulb in the Sigma line is constant but trim rings of various sizes and styles allow the fixture to fill existing holes ranging from 2.6 to 3.4 inches. Standard finishes are polished or brushed stainless steel but custom colors are also available.

Imtra Sigma Fast Facts: 1) A 5-watt Sigma fixture produces the same amount of light as a 25-watt halogen bulb. 2) Modern LEDs have a dramatically reduced “hum” to them. 3) Besides needing less power, one of the primary benefits LEDs have over halogens is that they produce dramatically less heat, making them the safer option aboard a boat. 4) The suggested retail price for these fixtures is between $160 and $190 and they are available for sale at a wide array of marine retailers, as well as at

This article originally appeared in the May 2015 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.