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The new Simrad NSX is loaded with functionality.

Simrad NSX

For the first time in more than two years, Simrad Yachting has a new multi-function display, the NSX. The unit is chock full of functionality yet using the machine is extremely easy with drag-and-drop screen customizations, an intuitive setup assistant, app integration and a new user interface.

“The electronics for boating navigation have evolved so much over the decades, but with this particular product we’ve really focused on making boating adventures and navigation both easier and more accessible than ever,” said Mike Fargo, EVP of Simrad Yachting. “With the NSX, our development team re-imagined and re-defined what a chartplotter and fishfinder can be for consumers, simplifying the experience from the moment you take NSX out of the box all the way to the furthest open water adventures.”


One of the most impressive features that stood out at a recent press demonstration were the latest C-MAP charts. The C-MAP Discover X and Reveal X cartography makes canyons, ledges and anchorages pop with relief shading and stunning clarity. You can also overlay satellite imagery which comes in handy when looking for marinas or navigating through tricky marshes. The high-resolution bathymetry shows contour lines down to a 1-foot level of detail.

The touchscreen is both bright and customizable, and an “Activity Bar” that lives along the right side of the display which makes it fast to locate and switch from radar to sonar or the other functions. The NSX supports the latest sonar products including Active Imaging, CHIRP, SideScan/DownScan Imaging and FishReveal.


Simrad has also updated the AutoPilot with what it’s calling Autorouting. Basically, you place your finger on the chart to create a waypoint and the Autorouting will create a course that safely routes the vessel around any landmass or objects. The NSX creates the route in a blink, it’s beyond speedy.

A couple of other highlights include easy connectivity between a smartphone and the NSX and the unit will also support third-party apps.

The NSX will be on display at the 2022 Miami boat show and begin shipping in late March. The NSX will be available in 7-, 9- and 12-inch displays, and starts at $1,049.

“Fundamentally, the ultimate experience is that it’s easier to obtain value for the boater, and easier to use the product,” said Jarred Clayton, Chief Technology Officer. “There’s 100 small things that the design team have improved upon based on customer feedback to make it a lot better.”